Mixed Rustic Porridge Buns, approx. 85 g
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Mixed Rustic Porridge Buns

Item no.: 10000308

With a mixed box of Rustic Porridge Buns, there is something for everyone. The mixed box consists of three delicious flavours: Rustic Porridge Buns Muesli, Rustic Porridge Buns Rye, Rustic Porridge Buns Oats. Common to them all is that they are based on porridge, which adds a nice, moist crumb.

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Baking instructions
Allergens: Contains May contain traces of
Thawing time:
60 min.
21 ℃
Items per package:
NetWeight per package:
3825 grams.
Baking time:
5-8 min.
180 ℃
85 grams.
Nutrients per 100 g
Energy: 0/0
Fat: 0 - hereof saturated fat: 0
Carbohydrates: 0 - hereof sugars: 0
Dietary fibers: 0
Protein: 0
Salt: 0

Everything you need for the breakfast table

A good bread on the breakfast table is one of our favourite things. Kohberg bakes classic rolls and coarse, rustic breakfast rolls so you can treat your guests to a good start to the day.

For the sweet tooth as well

We bake all the classic breads for the breakfast table. Airy, crispy and sweet with just the right texture.

Home-baked scent and flavour

When you choose bread from Kohberg, everything is ready to warm or bake in your own kitchen. This gives your visitors the wonderful experience of home-baked bread.