Coarse Gastro T&S, sliced, approx. 580 g
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Coarse Gastro

  Item no.: 18137000

For a delicious lunch, good taste is important. So serve this dark, coarse and tasty sandwich bread to give your lunch guests a great experience. The bread is half the gastro size, enabling flexible sandwich solutions. We bake it with wholewheat, wheat and rye flours, and add rye grain and flaxseed. It is pre-cut for ease of use.

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Worth knowing about the bread
Baking instructions Can be used as thaw and serve. If you prefer a crispy crust: Thaw and bake approx. 2-3 minutes at 180°C.
Ingredients: WHOLE GRAIN WHEAT FLOUR (EU), water, WHEAT FLOUR, linseed, RYE MEAL*, OAT GRITS, RYE FLOUR*, dried leaven (WHEAT FLOUR, leavening agent), sugar, iodized salt, vegetable oil from rapeseed, dried leaven, WHEAT GLUTEN, BARLEYMALTEXTRAKT. Topping: Linseed and RYE FLOUR*. *Whole grain.
Allergens: Contains wheat May contain traces of sesame seeds
Thawing time:
2-3 min.
21 ℃
Items per package:
NetWeight per package:
580 grams.
Baking time:
2-3 min.
180 ℃
580 grams.
Nutrients per 100 g
Energy: 1071kj/254kcal
Fat: 4.6 g. - hereof saturated fat: 0.6 g.
Carbohydrates: 40 g. - hereof sugars: 2.3 g.
Dietary fibers: 7.1 g.
Protein: 9.4 g.
Salt: 1 g.

The burger is a hit

A burger is made up of many things, but a good burger bun is key. At Kohberg, we bake many different kinds and shapes - from the sweet, soft and highly prized brioche to the dark and more wholesome wholemeal buns.

A sandwich is always good

A good bread is paramount for a good sandwich. Some must be crisp and airy, others soft and moist. We bake most kinds and are happy to make recommendations - about the filling too!

New shapes and flavours

Both burgers and sandwiches are developing rapidly, and we are seeing many new shapes and flavours emerge. At Kohberg, we constantly try to adapt to new trends and needs.