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Green profile and fantastic flavour

At Kohberg, flour is our most important ingredient. We use a great deal of it every year and its country of origin makes all the difference. We bake in Denmark using flour from Danish-grown grain so the individual loaf of bread emits about 20 % less CO2 than if we used imported flour. From 1 December 2019, we bake all Kohberg bread and pastries with Danish flour – both organic and conventional.

Danish grain and food product inspections are very thorough and this means that we meet stringent food safety standards when we bake with Danish ingredients. For the same reason, we at Kohberg have also decided that all our flour is from grain cultivated without plant growth regulators or pesticides containing glyphosate.

In general, bread has a relatively small carbon footprint compared to other food products, such as meat and hot meals. Classic Danish rye bread is therefore a great choice if you wish to minimise the carbon footprint of your food and ingest a wholemeal, fibre-rich diet. As an added bonus, Kohberg rye bread is 100 % plant-based so vegans and others who adopt a greener lifestyle and diet can choose it with confidence.

We make our vegan Danish pastries exclusively with plant-based ingredients and without palm oil. Baked with Danish flour, our vegan Danish pastries have an even greener profile to match the more ethical lifestyle that many of today’s consumers seek to achieve – even when they wish to satisfy a craving for something sweet.