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Four green food trends

The green trend is ubiquitous at present. Increasingly, green alternatives, healthy choices and local-grown food products dominate the dishes served across the globe. This is all part of the sustainability wave, a megatrend that we welcome in different ways, depending on who we are and where in life we find ourselves. Here are four food trends that are worth watching right now.


Hood Food

Familiarity and neighbourhood communities are key to the Hood Food trend. We shop for food and eat out on impulses that are close to the heart and a sensible healthy approach to eating. We choose local food products because we see them not only as an eco-conscious choice, but also as a safe and healthy choice that supports our local community. Local produce is regarded as extra fresh and authentic.

Kohberg and Hood Food

Kohberg bakes its products in Denmark. Flour is our single most important ingredient and all our bread is baked with Danish flour milled from grain cultivated without plant growth regulators. This is a conscious choice on our part because Danish flour offers better food product safety and minimal transportation, which in turn minimises the carbon footprint of our bread. Kohberg also supports Danish agriculture. Moreover, we repay our debt to the society to which we belong.


Think Twice

Sometimes, small changes make the world of difference. The Think Twice trend is set to become part of worldwide change. There is broad-based focus on our planet’s resources. We reflect on all kinds of steps we can take, everything from reducing food waste and eating less meat to avoiding plastic and rethinking all our packaging. We think twice and we are prepared to make a special effort. Focus on climate change issues helps to drive this particular food trend, which is destined to snowball in future years.

Kohberg and Think Twice

Throughout Kohberg, UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 12 – Responsible consumption and production - is an important focus area (link til engelsk CSR-rapport). For example, we bake exclusively with Danish flour, all our bread trays are made of 100 % recycled plastic, we continue to reduce the quantity of plastic in our packaging and, last but not least, we play an active role in the fight against food waste, as we are active in the One\Third think-tank whose aims include halving global food waste by 2030.


Freedom Food

A good meal is the cornerstone of the Freedom Food trend. This trend focuses on health, sustainability and delicious food that is easy to prepare. Aficionados are looking for easy options that help them to make living the good life healthier and easier to achieve. This trend is all about easy, everyday luxuries, i.e. the pleasure of sharing a good meal and still having time to enjoy life.

Kohberg and Freedom Food

Classic Danish rye bread is eminently versatile and therefore ideal for making delicious meals that are easy to prepare. Kohberg offers a full range of rye bread. You have plenty of variants to choose from when serving classic Danish open sandwiches or a quick snack. Rye bread is also a more climate-friendly choice than e.g. hot dishes. We also bake sandwich and burger buns that are the perfect basic ingredients for appetising meals you can eat on the go, and still maintain high standards of food quality.


Plant Plate

The Plant Plate trend demands that you change the habits of a lifetime and live greener if you wish to make a difference. The younger generation is leading the way and driving this trend forward – and it is moving very fast! There is a plant-based revolution under way, impelled by three themes: health, climate and animal welfare. Many of those who have yet to convert to a diet based solely on plants believe that vegan products are an ethical and responsible choice. For this reason, vegan products are often regarded as a way of treating ourselves and pandering to our green conscience at the same time.


Kohberg and Plant Plate

Rye bread is generally vegan. Kohberg’s rye bread is essentially vegan. It contains no animal-derived ingredients. The Kohberg range also includes other types of vegan bread that are ideal to eat at meat-free meals. Kohberg’s vegan Danish pastries team the green trend with classic Danish pastry traditions and innovative flavour combinations. There’s no good reason to resist temptation here.