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Innovative vegan Danish pastries

Trend and tradition in one crispy mouthful

Danish pastry is a classic crunchy treat. With four new flavours, we challenge tradition with Nordic-inspired tang of buckthorn and apple and other surprising combinations. Every pastry has a delightful, inspiring taste and that crispy light structure that is characteristic of authentic Danish pastry.

Our new Danish pastries are baked without compromise. They are made solely with plant-based ingredients and without palm oil. We combine the green trend with focus on great flavour and making our products a real pleasure to eat. With our vegan Danish pastries, you give customers who are on the lookout for a greener profile a tasty self-indulgence that coincides with their desire to make more ethical choices.

Danish pastry is perfect for most occasions. That is why we also make mini versions of all our vegan Danish pastries. Each mixed carton of mini vegan pastries contains all four innovative flavours, lots of rich taste and the crispy structure of classic Danish pastries.


Four fantastic flavours
The innovative Danish pastries have four appealing and creative flavours – all vegan:

Truly Nordic
With apple and buckthorn filling, this Danish pastry is a truly Nordic-inspired experience. In the slightly tangy flavour of buckthorn with the sweetness of the apple, you can almost feel the mild Danish autumn breeze. Orange-flavoured icing makes Truly Nordic picture-perfect.

Chunky Cherry
A deep red filling with a surprisingly fresh taste and chunks of cherry makes Chunky Cherry simply irresistible. With its colourful fruity filling and sprinkling of linseed, Chunky Cherry looks very tempting. Definitely a pastry you won't hesitate to tuck into!

Sunny Orange
Sunny Orange is like a crispy bite of summer. It has the delicious flavour of sun-ripened oranges teamed with soft brown sugar with caramel flavour. An uncompromising treat sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts for a delicious look and perfect crispy bite.

Happy Custard
The scrumptious Happy Custard has smooth vanilla custard and a yummy soft brown sugar with caramel flavour. A fabulous treat sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts for a delicious look and perfect crispy bite.